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What Web 2.0 tool(s) have you used and how has it (have they) impacted student learning?

Since I am retired, my limited use of Web 2.0 tools generally does not impact students. I regularly use email of course, and I run a humor mailing list. I also regularly use and post to a couple of IM and on line bulletin boards to keep in touch with friends that share my interest in building model railroad layouts. To a limited extend, I use on line collaboration in my side business of library consulting; and as a CSLA Southern Section Board member, we use on line tools (wikis, Eluminate) for meetings.

How have you implemented any of Dr. Valenza's Top Tools?

(complete during and/or after webinar)


A few years ago, I was given a simple plain white tee shirt. On the back in large black letters was the phrase:
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