*CSLA Southern Section Presents the Joyce Valenza Webinar 1/23/10 at 10am! Pre-register at: http://bit.ly/jv_webinar *

What Web 2.0 tool(s) have you used and how has it (have they) impacted student learning?

(complete before, during, and/or after webinar)

Well.....my Library Experience students use Edmodo daily, which is like a cross between Moodle and Facebook. Geared for education, but easier to use for small classes rather than large ones. My students are also pretty proficient at wikis. Helps them organize information and use information effectively.

See current class wiki at: http://troy2009.wikispaces.com/

How have you implemented any of Dr. Valenza's Top Tools?

(complete during and/or after webinar)


Region Satellite Site Hosts:

jbrooks@lbschools.net; anna koval <msannakoval@gmail.com>; Eric Wheeler <Eric.Wheeler@fresnounified.org>; Diane Alexander <alexande@libertyuhsd.k12.ca.us>; Rosemarie Bernier <rbernier@lausd.net>; Rosemarie Bernier <rosemarie.bernier@gmail.com>; Jane Lofton <jane@lofton.com>; pjoehlman@aol.com; Barbara Duffy <bjduffy@lbschools.net>; janice.airplane@cox.net; Janice Gilmore-See <janice.gilmoresee@lmsvsd.k12.ca.us>; Janet Hasbrouck <jhasbrou@ausd.net>; janhasbro@gmail.com; Yvonne Weinstein <mrsweinstein@fastmail.fm>; aileen.kay@smaa.org; Glen Warren <GWarren@ocde.us>; Laurie Guy <1librarianguy@gmail.com>; jan_hartsell@khsd.k12.ca.us; Mark Britton <mbritton@bak.rr.com>; Mark Britton <mbritton@bigvalley.net>; kalexander@lbschools.net

Hi Marie - Thank you for all the work you did to get this event accomplished. I think it went well despite some connection issues.

If you get to pursue the connection problems with Dr. L, I think the problems are with us connecting from a school site IP address, trying to connect via SJSU. Everything connected to Elluminate, including all the many times I went to the Configuration site. Everything worked on Elluminate. I tried both IE and Firefox, I added the SJSU site to the acceptable sites lists on both browsers, and it still wouldn't let us in. Elluminate would, but the SJSU site wouldn't. I can't explain anything else but that. I was on the web with a fast connection, on the Elluminate site, but it still wouldn't load the session. It was very frustrating and I'm just glad that it was only Laurel and myself and that we got to dash over to her house and catch the end of the session.

Dr. Valenza is so inspiring, even if we didn't get to hear all of it. I am looking forward to reading the archived copy.

I hope the rest of your weekend is restful and we can figure this all out later.


CSLA Southern

can moderate - make sure that I

Jane Lofton (to Organizers and Panelists):
Marie can moderate, and we can also have 1 or more backchannel people.

Jane Lofton (to Organizers and Panelists):
I like having a least some of the questions in advance, and then use chat room.

A page at each site - build a wiki!!!

ghetto-ization - no small groups on Elluminate.

1.5 hours

start with Wizard of Apps.

10-"ish" tools for learning,

To ten types of tools

If people want to talk, they'll need a microphone.

They can always use chat. Use

i can do the polling of

brainstorm - how can this

One other item in the agenda --- We will want about 10 minutes at the beginning. 5 for intro and "ad" time for CSLA 2.0, then about 5 as an intro to the tool itself.

IPL - 15 things.

When you click Whiteboard Application Sharing Goes away...

Backchannel person - chat - watching all the chat and compiling - Jackie Siminitus - What have you used and how has it impacted student learning? Tread lightly on the standards...

I can do the MC - welcome everybody, facilitate discussion. Make Joyce comfortable.

March Workshop - Session on the Standards there and discuss at more length there... - 5 minutes to talk up CSLA in general, 2.0 tutorials, SS March Workshop - Jackie's Bestsellers.

Load slides on whiteboard for the first 10 minutes....

To have Joy Millam - can she host a satellite at her school??

The more satellites, the less tech-savvy people can enter.

The Top 10 Types of Applications...

Joyce can go over past noon.....12:20? or 12:30pm? - Formally close at noon but able to stay.

Can we solicit questions beforehand - using the registration form...

We are giving her generous honorarium...

SHE CAN RECYCLE - doesn't need to come up with a whole new presentation - no need to re-invent the wheel.

she can recycle from AASL -

WIKI - with different pages

Standards - supposed to be approved in early March - bring Barbara in on Skype.

Joyce likes video and Elluminate doesn't have video.

She will not be checking chat - it will be up to me to alert her to chat.. Or Jackie can alert me...Dabbleboard....

Satellite Needed
Person to Contact
Contact Info?
NS Region 1
Big House Library - Anna Koval

NS Region 2

NS Region 3

NS Region 4

NS Region 5

NS Region 6

NS Region 1

SS Region 1

SS Region 2
Lindero Canyon Middle School
Jane Lofton
SS Region 3
Cabrillo High School
Pam and Barbara
SS Region 3
Pam's House?
Pam Oehlman
SS Region 4 North OC
Valencia HS
Joy Millam
SS Reg 4 South OC
Glen Warren?

SS Reg 5
Bernardo Heights Middle School - Janice Gilmore-See
Janice Gilmore-See
SS reg. 6
Joan McCall???

SS Reg 6
Frank Augustus Miller Middle School, SS Reg. 6 - Yvonne Weinstein
Yvonne Weinstein