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What Web 2.0 tool(s) have you used and how has it (have they) impacted student learning?

(complete before, during, and/or after webinar)
As co-lead and project manager for School Library Learning 2.0, Classroom Learning 2.0, Learning 2.0 for Teens, and a long-time "cheerleader" for all those who have registered for the web 2.0 tutorials, I have used or experimented with hundreds of 2.0 tools. I do not work at a school, I work with librarians, library staff, and library lovers so I have indirectly impacted student learning.

Some of my favorite and most used tools:
- Blogger, Facebook, LinkedIn
- Bloglines (to keep track of CSLA 2.0 blogs)
- Twitter (to amplify CSLA and other library messages)
- Google AdSense (to raise pennies for CSLA)

How have you implemented any of Dr. Valenza's Top Tools?

(complete during and/or after webinar)