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What Web 2.0 tool(s) have you used and how has it (have they) impacted student learning?

(complete before, during, and/or after webinar)
A couple of years ago I was having students do presentations on the food groups for health and one of my honors students picked up on the fact that the lcd projector was connected to a mac mini that was connected to the internet! I noticed that she was not using powerpoint rather she was using google docs. That was my first introduction to "cloud computing". Next I noticed Mellisa Butterbach of Vista Middle School had made her library web page from Google Sites. I decided to make my own. It was so much faster and easier than creating buttons in dreamweaver and I sensed it would get more buy in from the not-so-tech saavy teachers who don't possess a knowledge of nor access to any web page software. I realized that websites made on Google Sites may not have the wow factor, but they have the accessibility. I am in the process of making a new website for the school and library. Of course it will have a wikis, blogs, forms, calendars, videos,photos, surveys, links, and whatever else I can think of to add. Mainly, I want to make sure that it is user friendly. I also am aware that I need to somehow connect with students and faculty on their cell phones thanks to the CSLA conference! As you can see I have a lot of ideas, but as of yet, very little execution. I really like Steve Miller's SF HIGH SCHOOL Library Website(LAUSD) and I aim to copy it if it is okay with him? It starts with a basic question. HELLO!!!!! WHAT DO YOU WANT TO DO? It is a simple yet powerful website that forces the viewer to make decisions or leave, not just browse. I love his calendar on the front page that shouts, COME TO THE LIBRARY. I also love the sign-up form that forces teachers to articulate the lesson plan.
What is the impact of all this Web 2.O? Increased student participation, motivation and enjoyment. I can't help but smile when I realize Web 2.0 is the radical underground antidote for school systems obsessed with quantitative rather than qualitative measures of student achievement. So no, I have no verify-able evidence that high interest and personalized education works.

How have you implemented any of Dr. Valenza's Top Tools?

(complete during and/or after webinar)