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What Web 2.0 tool(s) have you used and how has it (have they) impacted student learning?

(complete before, during, and/or after webinar)
I am trying to implement a bunch of things this semester with my Library Science students. This is Year Two of librarianship for me, and I'm still in school for MLIS, so I'm learning TONS all at once and sometimes I think my brain might explode. Last year I used a semi-boring (read: worksheets) curriculum for library science, and last semester, I just dabbled with Edmodo, and the kids -as well as myself - really enjoyed it (thank you Marie Slim for the suggestions @ CSLA on that one). I have a new semester of library science and I'm going to try and add more Web 2.0 goodness.
As far as impacting student learning, each student took away different tools: one student constantly uses VocabSushi when he's bored; another student now knows how to log on and use her school email and network space; another student wrote his first book review and posted it online.

How have you implemented any of Dr. Valenza's Top Tools?

(complete during and/or after webinar)

Notes: Looking forward to Webinar!!