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Hi all -

I'm sitting at my desk at work, trying to match speeds with this moving train so I can jump on. Like all of you I'm very busy, but this looks even more important than most of what grabs at me. I'm trying to build a wedge to open up the time dimension.

Here's how I approach matching speeds with the train. The first obvious question is "What are Joyce's Top Tools?" A look at the New Tools Workshop in the column directly to the right in the view on my screen right now (http://newtoolsworkshop.wikispaces.com/) gives a home page headed "Eight (or so) Easy 2.0 Pieces to Piece Together". I typed up the labels on the links on that page and the "8 or so" turns out to be 25 or so, alphabetized below. So this might be a clue to the range of what Joyce means by "Easy 2.0 Pieces".

1. Backchannel/chat
2. Blogs
3. Cartoon generators
4. Curriculum standards
5. Digital storytelling
6. Fair use and information ethics
7. Feeds and aggregators
8. Game generators
9. Interactive calendars
10. Interactive whiteboards
11. Media literacy
12. Media parking lots
13. Mindmapping, graphing, charting, timelining
14. Personal information portals
15. Playing with images and avatars
16. Podcasting
17. Polling tools
18. Presentation reform
19. Privacy and safety
20. Social networking
21. Twitter
22. Video tools
23. Widgets
24. Wikis
25. Writing tools

What Web 2.0 tool(s) have you used and how has it (have they) impacted student learning?

(complete before, during, and/or after webinar)

I got inspired at the 2007 CSLA Conference

The first thing that really came out of it was a PBWiki I built and used to coordinate the accreditation effort for WASC. The student learning was indirect, mostly I think as a re-set of the school context from the collaborative experience shared by the faculty.

I also used PBWorks to build a site for developing a Schoolwide Research Curriculum. .

How have you implemented any of Dr. Valenza's Top Tools?

(complete during and/or after webinar)