*CSLA Southern Section Presents the Joyce Valenza Webinar 1/23/10 at 10am! Pre-register at: http://bit.ly/jv_webinar *


how does Web 2.0 impact student achievement??? *that* is the $1M question!!! i'm not sure how to measure the impact of Web 2.0 (but there must be an free online app that slices, dices, and assesses student achievement), so the basis for my answer is only anecdotal, but so far, those anecdotes are all overwhelmingly positive and my feeling is that the impact is H-U-G-E! =)

so far i have used many of the apps dr. valenza touted -- personally, that is, i've not yet integreated them all into my teaching. i'm pleased to see that there are still lots that i have not yet dabbled with. i learned that there's still so much i have to learn! i've got a *very* long to-do list after this awesome webinar! =)

the notes i took during the webinar can be seen online here: **http://www.wallwisher.com/wall/myjvwebinarnotes**

the flier i made for the satellite viewing at the big house library can be seen online here: http://www.scribd.com/doc/25031334/Joyce-Valenza-Webinar-Flier-for-CSLA-NS-Reg-1