*CSLA Southern Section Presents the Joyce Valenza Webinar 1/23/10 at 10am! Pre-register at: http://bit.ly/jv_webinar *

Frequently Asked Questions:


Elluminate Support Configuration Room

Do I have to attend a satellite site?
No, you can experience the webinar anywhere you have a computer with high-speed internet and speakers. The satellites are for Region bonding and for people who may not feel comfortable with their computer experience or equipment's performance.

Do I have to have a microphone?
No, Dr. Valenza will be speaking the first hour and a half. The last hour will be for question and answer. Questions can be submitted by microphone or by chat, which will be moderated by Kathie Maier.

What is the URL of the webinar?
If you have pre-registered, you should receive an email from Marie Slim with the URL of the webinar.

Do I have to pre-register?
Yes. Please do so at http://bit.ly/jv_webinar

If I pre-register do I have to attend?

I pre-registered and haven't heard back! What do I do?
Check to see if there are any messages from Marie Slim in your Spam folder. If not, email Marie Slim and ask her what's up.

How can I check my equipment?
If you go to Elluminate, go to Support and to the First Time Users Page http://www.elluminate.com/support/index.jsp, it tells you if your Java is up to date, and then there is a Configuration Room link that you click on and if you can log into that, you are good to go.

I don't have a page with my name on it on the wiki?
Did you pre-register? If not, please do at: http://bit.ly/jv_webinar . If you did pre-register, email Marie Slim.

Will the webinar be recorded and archived?
Yes, we hope to record it.

Is there a limit to the amount of people who can experience the webinar?
Probably 1000 workstations, but we are nowhere near that yet!

Can I invite someone not associated with libraries to view it with me?
Yes, we just ask that all people who are associated with libraries be CSLA members to participate.

What if I'm not a CSLA member?
You can mail a check for $5000 to Marie Slim for her "Greek Getaway" trip. Just kidding. Send a $15 check made out to CSLA Southern Section to Marie Slim by 1/20/10: Troy High School, 2200 Dorothy Lane, Fullerton, CA 92831. Or you can join or re-join CSLA: http://www.csla.net/pdf/memberform.pdf

What are Dr. Valenza's "Top 10 Tools?"
That's a good question! Participate in the webinar to find out! It may be "Top 10 TYPES of Tools."

Why is there a wiki? What do I do with my page?
Dr. Valenza requested that the wiki be constructed to share knowledge. The two main questions should be on your page. You can respond to the first question at any time. The second question will be more clear during and after Dr. Valenza's presentation.

What if I have filters on my Internet?
The presentation will be executed via Elluminate. If you can get into Elluminate, you will be able to view the entire presentation. Dr. Valenza will be sharing applications via her desktop. You will be able to see what she sees.

When is the optional tech setup / test session?
If you want to "PRACTICE" tomorrow morning 1/22/10, Kathie Maier has set up the following session:
You will have access to the session from 7:30 - 12:30, 1/22/10, there will be a bunch of my ASB students logged on from 9 until 9:30, so keep it rated "PG!"
https://sas.elluminate.com/m. jnlp?sid=2009116&password=M. 6A966DDDCFC446649B7CD751F9E77D

Saturday, Jan. 16th between 8am and 9am.

Do I need to have used these tools in order to attend this Webinar? I am a true novice with no experience at all with Web 2.0, but would love to learn.

Nope - Joyce knows that some people have no experience at all...don't worry! :-) Pre-register at http://bit.ly/jv_webinar There's no mandate that you know anything! Just try it - it's good experience for doing a webinar!

Flickr and Twitter Tags?
twitter: #jvweb
Flickr: jvweb

Who do I follow on Twitter for this event?
try @4Libraries, @bighouselibrary, @mhslibrary, .....(insert your Twitter username here)

What if I can't make the test session and I want to test out my equipment?
Email Marie Slim at sraslim@sbcglobal.net

Who can answer any other questions?
Marie Slim at sraslim@sbcglobal.net or Jane Lofton at jane@lofton.com