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WOW. I have not heard of HALF of this stuff! I mean, even from the librarians that I've worked with (one who was on today ironically enough). Some of my fellow teachers at one site were SUPER forward thinking, even for our subject, and they were already doing online portfolios and more, and doing it indepedent of district training, and then presenting as they went to our department but still!

My 14 yo son is SO into technology, even with a mom who would not allow him to use my computer and he knew almost ALL of these websites and I didn't!?!?!?!
I don't think I can remember half of it. What I DO know is that the library can be WAY more involved with campus achievement than I even knew before today. Talk about being able to go into an interview with my eyes wide open! Further, you'd have to get buy in from several department chairs but it could help the campus be forward thinking. GEEZ! Anyway, I'll need to bookmark that wiki.
Makes me want to become a librarian even MORE now!!